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Creative Digital Marketing Agency, Oak Street Associates, provides customized marketing and consulting strategies to scale your business online.


What're people saying about your brand today? We hope good things! When a business has developed a robust brand image, good things happen– branding is tied with positive word of mouth marketing, which in return is great for business. Having an effective brand strategy not only looks great but it also gives you a major edge in increasingly competitive markets and should not be neglected. Oak Street focuses on the four essential components of branding below:

Digital Marketing Agency based out of Nashville, TN, Oak Street Associates, provides marketing and consulting solutions for small businesses.

Why Branding Matters



86% of shoppers prefer an authentic and honest brand personality on social media.




64% of women and 68% of men surveyed have felt an emotional connection with a brand. (Customer Thermometer)



90% of users expect to have a similar brand experience across all platforms/channels. (crowdspring)

We like to think of branding this way– a brand for a company is like the personality of a person. When developing a brand, it's important to be mindful of these four key areas to create a successful brand image. If you consistently follow your brand purpose and deliver on your promise, your brand will eventually be associated with an idea or emotion in the minds of your consumers. Oak Street can help you develop the strategy to not only build your brand but also progress it to build more robust relationships with your customers. 

The Branding Starter Pack

When building a robust brand image, we focus on these 4 core components. 

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