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Creative Digital Marketing Agency, Oak Street Associates, provides customized marketing and consulting strategies to scale your business online.

Define Your Audience

Create a Touch Sequence

Refine Your Message

Executing & Optimizing

One of the first steps of every Oak Street email campaign project is to intentionally design the target audience that you are trying to reach. A clear understanding of the characteristics of this group is paramount before designing the logistics that are a part of the campaign. Everything from the call to action in the messaging to the way the message is written needs to speak specifically to this group. Oak Street will help you refine the definition of your targets by taking into account the information that you have today while strategically supplementing as needed. It is also important to consider what the relationship your target audience has with your organization today. Many organizations are able to run more granular direct mail campaigns for customers that have an existing relationship by factoring in the information that you already have about them.

Once the target audience has been defined, the next step in an Oak Street direct mail project is to map out the touch sequence that makes sense for the object of the campaign to be achieved. Few customers are going to convert off of a single point of touch, so it is important to map out the experience that you want for your target audience. Aligning these points of touch with the collateral that will be deployed as a part of the direct mail campaign is an important part of making sure that your final results align with your goals. Oak Street helps supplement this process with the sharing of best practices and tips/tricks to make sure that your target audience is being reached appropriately without being overwhelmed by too much contact.   

Once the touch sequence has been defined, the Oak Street team will help hone your messaging for each stage so that the target audience finds value in the interaction and takes the desired action that you are looking to drive. Each message will be efficiently streamlined to articulate your target objective and supplemented with a strong call to action that prompts that to convert as desired. The call to action is one of the most important parts of this process as this is the instruction that is telling the target audience what you are looking for them to do. Oak Street helps make sure that not only is this messaged well, but the appropriate operational workflows are in place to convert those opportunities and not let them slip through the cracks. All direct mail communications should have a strategic purpose and we want to make sure that not only are you driving as many opportunities as possible, but that they are not leaking prior to converting.

Now that the campaign logistics have been mapped out, the final step of the process is to execute the campaign and optimize based on the results that are being observed. The characteristics of the target audience and the objective of the campaign will drive a lot of the initial strategy, but it's important to also optimize based on the results that are occurring during the initial points of touch. Oak Street utilizes a data heavy approach to measure success and identify where further areas of improvement may exist. Every organization is going to have a slightly different need in this arena so we are sure to account for your organization’s unique characteristics to avoid the trap of falling into too much of a cookie cutter approach. We make it easy to not only get these campaigns running and off the ground, but also to continue driving improvement to maximize the potential conversion rates.

Direct Mail

Direct Mail marketing can be one of the most effective methods of communicating directly with a targeted audience. Oak Street partners with its businesses to execute a well-designed, visually appealing direct mail campaign that supplements their existing digital and electronic advertising. Primarily designed to drive business opportunities, our campaigns can have completely customizable themes, timing, sequences, and frequency. Many of our clients have found that well designed direct mail marketing campaigns can be one of the most impactful investments that they can make, whether it’s for communication or business development purposes. Our projects tend to focus on: 

Digital Marketing Agency based out of Nashville, TN, Oak Street Associates, provides marketing and consulting solutions for small businesses.
Define Your Audience
Create a Touch Sequence
Refine Your Message
Executing & Optimizing

Our Direct Mail Philosophy

When running a direct mail campaign, we focus on these 4 core components. 

We here at Oak Street are large proponents of the philosophy that no two projects are exactly alike- all businesses are going to have unique needs! When we work on a direct mail campaign project, we bring our best practices and proven strategies to improve what you already have in place and take it to the next level. We want to make sure that every individual that is part of the target audience is feeling like they are getting a personalized point of touch that prompts them to take the action desired from the respective campaign. Driving new business, re-engaging existing customers, or informing about new products/services has never been easier.



Direct mail campaigns have an open rate of up to 90%.




81% of marketers plan to maintain or increase usage of direct mail in the next 12 months. (DMA/ANA)



56% of tests comparing postcard mailings to emails showed postcards with the higher response rate. (USPS)

Why Direct Mail Matters

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