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Social Media Campaigns

Social media is a key differentiator amongst businesses when customers are looking for what service provider is best for them. When it is executed well, it provides a sense of community and understanding of the quality that your business is going to provide. Oak Street partners with home service businesses to help develop and execute their social media strategy. From Facebook to Instagram, we help home service businesses execute their posting and advertising approach. Whether to attract new customers or engage existing, our projects tend to focus on:


Platform Specific Strategy

Engaging the Target Audience



Execution &



We here at Oak Street are large proponents of the philosophy that no two projects are exactly alike- all businesses are going to have unique needs! When we work on a social media project, we bring our best practices and proven strategies to improve what you already have in place and take it to the next level. We want to make sure that every individual that is part of the target audience is feeling like they are getting a personalized point of touch while the campaign is simultaneously hitting a larger audience. Driving new business, re-engaging existing customers, or informing about new products/services has never been easier.



91% of Millenials are active daily social media users.



93% of social media advertisers use Facebook ads on a regular basis.

(Social Media Examiner)


68% of US Adults are regularly using and interacting on Facebook.



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